Madison House is a modern one-story home and has three registered beds. It is in a quiet cul-de-sac near Ramsgate and has a staff group of ten including the Manager and Deputy. The Ofsted rating on this home at the last key inspection was GOOD. We have traditionally used this home, and its sister home next door, Mulberry Court, to provide homes for children and young people who can be categorised as at the lower end of the Autistic spectrum.

The Manager and the staff group at this home are experienced and trained in administering to this particular client group. We find that although the home is set within a relatively populated setting our residents experience a quiet, calm environment and we are able to generate good forward progress for the children we care for there.

The Statement of Purpose for the home can be found via our Tri-X link



Mulberry Court was established a few years earlier than its sister home, Madison House, which is next door. The home is once again registered for three beds and is a specious modern one-story building. On the occasion of the last Ofsted key inspection, this home received a grading of Requires Improvement. This home also has a staff of ten and a designated Registered Manager and Deputy.

As with Madison House, the client group cared for at this home are at the lower end of the autistic spectrum and the staff group, from whom the Registered Manager is drawn, have the appropriate training and skill sets for the residents there. Matching for placements is of course crucial in each of these homes and we often find that the placements are at a premium here and that vacancies are generally quickly filled even taking into account our careful matching processes.

The Statement of purpose for the home can be found via our Tri-X link



Ocean Lodge is a four bed Registered home situated on the seafront in Herne Bay. It was opened in 2007 and is our most established and well-accredited home as a result. The last Ofsted key inspection rated this home as GOOD.

Ocean Lodge has a staff team of twelve including the Registered Manager and Deputy. The home is registered for four children and young people and is much sought after. The home provides care for a client resident group which can be categorised as “emotionally behaviourally disturbed” (EBD) and can on occasion take emergency or same-day placements.

Ocean Lodge over the years has provided a sound home environment for particularly long-standing placements and has a significant track record of Children being placed at the relatively young ages of 11 or 12 and proceeding to live there into adulthood. 

In all of our homes we will always try to ensure that the residents receive prime activities experience appropriate to their needs and requirements. Because of its location right on the seafront and because of the client group, activities functions at Ocean Lodge represent a very large part of the daily curriculum for children and staff.

The statement of Purpose for the home can be found via our Tri-X link



This large detached, (previously four bed) Registered home in the heart of Whitstable was for many years a successful specialised home for children with learning disabilities requiring a certain element of physical care. 

It is currently “mothballed” pending a change in service provision.

It is our intention now following an independent review of resources and local authority requirements to Register and open the home as Woodbridge House. The home will consist of five beds and will cater for children with complex needs with multi-agency conjoined funding; for instance Health, Education and Children’s services.

We are in discussion with our local authority colleagues regarding this provision and will be constructing a specialised team and manager to provide the service.

One new element we have identified will be the identification and recruitment of a “core case assessor” as part of the team which will constitute the largest staff provision within the company.

The Statement of Purpose and function for the home will be available via our Tri-X link in early 2001.


Roseland House is a two bed Registered home located in the rural area outside of Sittingbourne. It is a detached farmhouse property very much concealed from the lanes and highways surrounding the property. The home has a team of eight staff including the Registered Manager and Deputy. Manager and staff competencies reflect the service provision offered here at Roseland; where experience and professional resilience plus the ability to take instruction from expert external professionals in implementing care plans is of vital importance.

Over the 4 years in which this home has been operating, its primary and most effective function has been to provide a safe environment for a complex case which might for certain periods of time benefit from a more intensive staff to client ratio. It is used most often to facilitate and concentrate multi-professional resources on the child or young person subject to a forensic care treatment plan. For this reason, placements can often have staff to client ratio of two staff to one child. The detached property and rural location suit the initial needs of many such cases and long protracted placements are therefore relatively rare in this home. Like Ocean Lodge outlined above this home is much valued by local authorities and it is very rare to have a vacant bed for long.

The Statement of Purpose for the home can be found via our Tri-X link